Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Why do I sometimes look back on my decision? I know it's what I wanted.I know that it's the best decision that I'd made at that point of time. So I often look back and think.." could have just" or" I should have just...”. Kenapa ek? I always hear people saying "Make your choice, and don't look back. ever".. Why? Is it not permissable? Does looking back means that you are weak in making decision concerning yourself and your life? Does that make me a lesser person?

When I looked back, it's not necessarily that I regreted my decision.Kengkadang tu,I just want to reflect. Apa tak bule ke?Memang la ada a few decisions that I have made yg I rasa tak patut, or salah.But that mistakes thought me apa? So that next time I'd know better, and hopefully won't make it again. Tak betul?

Tapi memang menyesal la..tak ikut member-member holiday this week. But that decision not to go was made because of other occurrences that can't be avoided. Regrets? Yep. For not going.

But I'd rather have that regret than disappointing my loved ones. I looked back, I regretted not going, but at the end of the day, I'm glad I didn't.

So? Tak salah kan to look back?

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Congratulations Sandra!!

Jom ucap tahniah kat Sandra for the new baby. Aku tak tahu lagik nama dia apa. Tak call lagik Sandra, aku sms jek. Tak mau ganggu dia berehat. Hmm tak dapat la lagi nak baca email dia yg laju cam Pentium tuh.. baru jek blog kita ni siap, dia dah beranak dah. Kalau tak, aku rasa dia la penyumbang paling laju kat sini. Erkk korang bila lagik nih nak mengaktifkan diri create post nih? Asyik aku jek kat sini? Note : Bayi di atas hanya imaginasi aku jek.. kalau Sandra dah email gambar sebenar,bleh le aku load kat sini :P

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our First Journey..

Our first Journey.. Testing je dulu ni. This blog was created as a request from this group of friends, Fadzi, Mafiza, Jie, Intan, Yan, Sandra & Marina. We were actually classmates during ESL course in PPP, UiTM back in 1995 where we are enrolled into American Degree Programme (ADP).. this is where we shared our laughter and happy moments as students, as well as sharing our dreams to pursue our tertiary education in United States.

Our dreams were shattered in 1997 bila we all tak dapat fly kerana penghantaran pelajar ke luar negara dibekukan due to the economic crisis.. yeS, we were very frustrated back then but now, we have learned to accept and redha, ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni. We graduated in 1999 and till now, we still keep in touch with each other, after almost 11 years of friendship. Although Sandra is not from N03, she being the friendly her, had become close to all of us in N03 and what more, after she became my dormmate for 2 years in PPP.

So, what do we expect from this blog? Well, we hope to share each other's stories, write ups, tips, products, gossips (definitely, eheheh), pictures and everything under the sun. So, if any of you who happens to stumble upon this blog, do enjoy reading, put in some comments but please don't make any judgement if you don't know us :P. Here's hoping for a wonderful journey of this blog, our friendship and many happy moments in life. Insyaallah..

-Posted by Amy-